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        We work with one small integrated E&P company -- Naftagas, Serbia - Vojvodina. For our needs regarding E&P process, we use software tools provided by the major service companies. However, sometimes we have no alternative but to use simple solutions (short terms, old or insufficient data and information, distant areas, absence of communication...). 

        For such quick look analyses, we use our own solutions created with MS Excel.  Moreover, since the trial version of the flash interface Xcelsius became available, our solutions have become interesting for many people (students, junior engineers and geoscientists, non-experts, and so on). Therefore, we have decided to create this web site with free petrophysical tools. 

        We are looking for partners so that we could create more complex tools for petrophysics, geostatistics, feasibility studies, field development and management, financial analyses (CF, ROE, NPV, IRR ...), risk analyses, real option analyses, portfolio analyses, and so on.  


       For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

        Stanisa Martinovic, PhD

Petrophysical Manager, Former university professor (Geophysical Logging and Formation Evaluation & Petrophysics)

E-mail: smartinovic2001@gmail.com


        Petar Trifunovic


E-mail: petartrifunovic@yahoo.com


        Borisa Vuckovic

Exploration Geologist,

E-mail: vborisav@gmail.com


        Srdjan Popovic


E-mail: psrdjan@gmail.com


        Dejan Rakic

Reservoir Engineer,

E-mail: de.rakic@gmail.com


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